Welded Contact Assemblies

For customers wishing to concentrate their resources on switch design and construction, STL manufactures and supplies complete contact assemblies incorporating welded contacts.

These may be produced from profile wire or microprofile tape. Welded contacts are always the most cost-effective method of producing contact assemblies for the sub 20 ampere market and high-volume products.

Using a true JIT manufacturing system, we can turn strip, wire or microprofile tapes into welded contact assemblies in a single integral operation within seconds. Additionally, because we use high-quality carbide dies combined with market-leading equipment from around the world, remarkably consistent component quality can be maintained across long production runs. All finished products can be supplied as pre-contacted bandoliered strip or ready-to-assemble components.
  • Solid form contacts
  • Raised form contacts
  • Inlaid form contacts
  • Bimetal tape contacts